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Are you taking advantage of the newest 401(k) plans designs? Did you know you could be fined and even sued if not compliant with the new regulations?

As a Plan Sponsor

You likely have a lot on your plate and want to help your employees become financially secure in their retirement. But, this can be really hard to do and it can be also very time consuming. In addition, you may be worried about meeting your fiduciary responsibilities. Let us be your 401(k) partner and help contribute to your employees’ retirement comfort and security. By partnering with our providers, both you and your employees could benefit greatly.

Avoid Litigation

The U.S. Supreme Court passed a ruling stating that employees can sue 401(k) plan sponsors, (YOU!) if they’ve experienced a loss due to an administrative error or mismanagement of funds. Major companies like Lockheed Martin, Caterpillar Inc. and other worldwide companies have employee lawsuits pending. Our proactive plan designs and administration to fiduciary responsibility management will help you avoid mayor complications.

Managed Investments

Our partners approach is designed to help you meet increasingly strict Department of Labor standards. Most of our companies have the ability to act as the plan investment manager which can help you satisfy your fiduciary duties.

Individualized advice

Plan participants can diversify their investments via separately managed accounts, using up to 30 or more institutional money managers in different investment categories. Our asset allocation system can recommend the most appropriate investments based on the answers to the Risk Tolerance Questionnaire to help them reach their retirement goals.

Competitive and Transparent Fees

Oftentimes, with other plans, participants must have a minimum balance in their 401(k) account before they can be considered as candidates for a separately managed account. Most of our investment companies offer multi-manager strategies with no account minimums, along with low and transparent fees.

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